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Designation Name Phone Numbers Email ID
Mobile Office Residence
District Magistrate Sh. Deepak singh 9425179704 234702 234701
Superintendent of Police Sh. Birendra singh 99425072424 235228 235229

National Informatics Centre

Designation Name Office Email ID
District Informatics Officer Sh. H.L Kanoj 232168
Area(STD) Code for Dhar:
Country Code for India:
 00 91

The international access code in India is 00 or +. For calls to India from abroad, the appropriate international access code should be dialed, followed by 91 followed by the area code (without the 0) followed by the phone number. For example, to call 07292-234702 in India, from Europe, a subscriber would dial: 00 91 7292 234702 or +91 7292 234702.

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