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जिला पंचायत, धार अंतर्गत जिले की समस्त ग्राम पंचायतो के ऑडिट कार्य हेतु निविदा

केन्द्रीय मूल्यांकन समिति मध्यप्रदेश भोपाल द्वारा निर्धारित एवं अनुमोदित सम्पूर्ण धार जिले के अचल सम्प‍त्ति के बाजार मूल्य निर्धारित करने हेतु कृषि भमि/ प्लाट/ मकान की दरे वर्ष – 2013-14

उपबंध वर्ष 2013-14

गाईड लाईन वर्ष 2013-14

Service Area Approach

With a view to serve better and also to provide Banking Facilities, especially for opening of Bank branches and cater to the entire banking needs of Public including the Rural Areas, Government of India launched a programme "SERVICE AREAAPPROACH PROGRAMME' in the country first in the year1987. With the launching of this programme the specific Area/Villages were distributed to the specified Bank/branches with the social objective to fulfill the entire Banking needs, including extending Credit Facilities within the command area allotted to them.

Wih the expansion of Bank/branches and also to meet changing Banking Scenerio as on the date, the Service Area Programme has been modified. The latest position of Service Area of DHAR DISTICT Blockwise/Bankwise/Branchwise stands as Service Area Plan.

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Guarantee MIS, Training session held at NIC Dhar on July 22-23, 2011

District Informatics Centre, Dhar organised a training session to educate the District Officials on the Management Information System. The training session involved

  1. Dry run of several requests being logged to demonstrate the work flow and the salient features of the MIS.
  2. Suggestion on the best practices involved with using a MIS
    1. Secrecy involved with the user accounts being assigned to the users.
    2. Importance of having a structured Office Procedure to monitor/register progress on the MIS.
  3. A hands-on exercise for a select group of participants to demonstrate the proficiency acquired after the session.
  4. Brain Storming session to resolve network connectivity issues with remote offices.

Training session was a success due to the sincere interactive participation of the Officers in the exercise. The session was attended by around sixty people on both days. The participants included District Magistrate B M Sharma, City Magistrate Sandeep Soni along with officials from Department of Food and Civil Supplies, Public Health Engineering, MP Electricity Board, CEO Janpad Panchayats, Chief Municipal Officers, Sub Divisional Magistrates and Tehsildars.

For details refer Download

Electoral Rolls for Dhar District

Electoral rolls for the Dhar District is available on our notifications page. Please contact the District Election Officer or the Office of the Tehsildar for any corrections and/or discrepancies in the electoral rolls.