Village Amjhera lying in the south-east corner of Sardarpur Tahsil is about 23 km from Sardarpur and about 27 km to the north-west of Dhar. All three places are connected by road on which buses ply. The village appears to have been of some importance in old days as it has a number of temples of Shaiva and Vaishnava sects, tanks, Chhatris, satistones, wells, a mosque and a fort with palaces inside. As many as five Shaiva temples dedicated to Mahadeva, Chamunda and Ambika and two Vaishnava temples of Lakshmi-Narayana and Chaturbhujnatha are in village.

Amka Jhamka Temple

This is the most famous temple of village. Temple is dedicated to Goddess Amka Jhamka. During Navratri a fair is organised here and people of village do Garba dance during these nine days to worship the Goddess. There is a small cave as well behind the temple which is said to be of the period of Pandavas of Mahabharat.

The fort of Amjhera

The fort of Amjhera built of rubble stones and bricks was probably constructed by Raja Ram Singh Rathore of Jodhpur in the 18-19th Century A.D. The fort has three old palaces all of the same period. Of these three only Rang-Mahal deserves mention as it contains mural paintings depicting court life. The fort was held by Raja Bhaktawar Singh in 1857. The Raja boldly revolted against British rule whose officers caught and hanged him to death at Indore during the days of the great revolt of 1857. Thus the Raja immortalised the village Amjhera by sacrificing his life at the altar of Independence of India. Confiscating his estate British Government made it over to Sindhia.

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