Dhar District is an important district of Madhya Pradesh, district has special significance from the point of view of tourism. Dhar district has a rich historical tradition and there are many places of historical importance in the district. Dhar city is very ancient in its own; Bhojshala, Dhar Fort, Dhareshwar Temple, Kalika Temple, Anandeshwar Temple, Laat Masjid etc. are located here. Mandav of Dhar district is the world famous historical tourist destination, where thousands of foreign tourists visit every year. Jahaj Mahal, Rani Rupmati Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jami Masjid, Nilkantheshwar Mahadev Temple, Shriram Temple, Hathi Darwaja etc. are the major tourist attractions of Mandav. Dinosaur eggs and archaeological remains have been collected in Ashmdha Fossil Park near Mandav. The Buddhist carpeted caves in the Bagh are a testimony to the rich historical heritage of the district. Fossil sanctuary has been established in the Bagh, in which fossils of ancient trees and dinosaurs have been collected. Apart from this, the temples and ghat built along the Narmada River in Koteshwar (Nisarpur), Jal Mahal of Sadalpur, the fort of Amzera and Amka Jhamka Temple, Mohankhera Jain Tirtha, Temple of Shantinathji located in Bhopawar, Ganga Mahadev, Oriya Temple of Badnawar etc. are important tourist places.

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