Panchayat and Rural Development Department

With a view to bring uniformity in the Panchayat Raj system in the state, in the year 1962, new Panchayat Acts were enacted in the year 1981 and 1990 to make the Madhya Pradesh Panchayat Raj system more strong and effective. In accordance with the 73rd Amendment Act 1992 of the Constitution of India, Madhya Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, 1993 (No. 1 of 1994) has been implemented in the State with effect from 25 January 1994.

                     zila panchayat

Under the three-tier Panchayati Raj system, the District Panchayat at the Gram Panchayat Development Block level and the District Panchayat institution at the district level are working. The basic objective of the department is to benefit the eligible person from the schemes of Panchayat and Rural Development Department along with good governance and strong Panchayat Raj system. Villagers are being connected to the mainstream by providing community-oriented schemes along with beneficial schemes through Panchayatiraj Institutions. Through various schemes, the social and economic standard of villagers is being improved qualitatively under the leadership of Panchayat Raj representatives. 

Panchayat & Rural Development District Facts

Total PM House constructed

 108917 Houses Constructed

Total toilets constructed under Swachh Bharat Mission Rural

377254 Toilets Constructed

Total Job Cards under MGNREGA

295592 Job Cards Given

Mid-day meal Programme

144241 Students approximately per academic day

Total Workers under MGNREGA


Catch the rain completed works


Completed  Amrut Sarovar


Completed Pushkar Dharohar


Completed Goshala under MGNREGA



District Level PRD Officers
S.NO. Office Name Phone No. Email
1 President, ZilaPanchayat 9589710503
2 CEO, Zila Panchayat 8349996021


Block Level PRD Officers
S.NO. Office Name Phone No. Email
1 CEO JP Nalcha 9630884047
2 CEO JP Umarban 9996029795
3 CEO JP Dhar 9685170001
4 CEO  JP Dharampuri 9425944042
5 CEO JP Sardarpur 9407137735
6 CEO JP Kukshi 8964094470
7 CEO JP Tirla 9407137735
8 CEO JP Manawar 9425944042
9 CEO  JP Dahi 7024264519
10 CEO JP Gandhwani 7697389295
11 CEO JP Nisarpur 8349938181
12 CEO JP Bagh 8349938181
13 CEO JP Badnawar 9425487235



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