Finance Department

Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts (DTA), Madhya Pradesh was established on 2nd April, 1964. There are 7 Divisional Joint Director Offices, 7 Accounts Training Schools, 45 District Treasuries and 162 Sub-Treasuries working under DTA. All Government transaction pertaining to Receipts and Payment (Head wise) are Complied at District Treasury on monthly basis and sent to AGMP, Gwalior. Internal Auditing and physical verification of Stock of Government Offices is done by the DTA and Divisional Offices in time bound programme. Examination of pay fixation cases, Pension cases of Government Employees are also done by the Divisional Offices. Accounts Training Schools provide training of Government/Semi Government employees on Accounts and Rules relating to finances. Treasury Computerisation & Networking is the precious Project of DTA. DTA has developed the site for Pension department oc1</p

1 Consolidated Fund of the District
2 All matter relating to the form and content of the annual financial statement, supplementary, additional or excess grant, votes on accounts, votes of credit, and exceptional grantsandbudget procedure.
3 Appropriation Bill
4 Matters connected with or arising out of the appropriation accounts and audit report and Public Accounts Committee
5 Currency coinage and legal tender
6 Local Fund Audit
7 District Pension and Pension Rules
8 Treasuries
9 Rules regarding the control of expenditure and prescriptions in respect of units of appropriation
10 Rules corresponding to the present Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary rules thereunder
11 Law and Rules under Article 283(2) and 284 of the Constitution of India, Subsidiary Rules regulating to the custody, safety and proper employment of all funds
12 All matters relating to the services with which the department is concerned
13 Payments of bills which are presented to treasury/ sub treasury
14 Disbursement of pension & other retirement benefits.
15 Issue of Stamps
16 safe custody of valuables/sealed packets in strong room.
17 Sumbission of mothly accounts to AG
18 Monitoring of Deposits/Reciepts


S. No. Name of Office Name of Officer Designation Mobile Number
1 District Treasury office Dhar Mr. Mansingh Damar District Treasury Officer 9630506186
2 District pension office Dhar Mrs. Bhagwati kaag District Pension Officer 9926524108
3 District Treasury office Dhar Mr. Rajkumar Yadav Assistant Treasury officer 9407413911
4 District Treasury office Dhar Mr. Narendra Shinde Assistant Treasury officer 9406855558
5 District Treasury office Dhar Mr. Prakash Badole Assistant Treasury officer 9165169315
6 District Treasury office Dhar Mr. Sundar Singh awasiya Assistant Treasury officer 8819932588
7 District Treasury office Dhar Mr. Lokendra singh chaudhary Assistant Treasury officer 9926936522
8 District Treasury office Dhar Mr. Gajanand Kanase Assistant Treasury officer 9926630321
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