Tourist Places

Bhopawar Jain Tirth
Category Religious

6 kms from the Sardarpur tehsil headquarter of Dhar district is Bhopawar Jain Tirth. This Quiet and serene place is…

Mohan Kheda Jain Tirth
Category Religious

                Most important or visited Jain temple on the land of Dhar districtis…

Dinosaur Fossil National Park Bagh
Category Historic, Others

The remains of  a plant or animal that existed in a past geological age,and that has been excavated from the…

Nityanand ashram
Category Religious

Religious centre in the lap of Nature Saints,sages and seekers of various religions and philosophies have meditated in the pious…

Bhaktamar Tirth
Category Religious

 Pious lend of Dhar is also famous for the origin of Bhaktamar strot, the highly revered Jain mantra. Created by…

dhareshwar mahadev1
Dhareshwar Temple
Category Religious

                                   In the centre of the city lies Dhareshwar…

gadh kalika gallery1
Gadh Kalika Devi
Category Religious

The ancient hindu temple of Gadh Kalika is located near Devi Sagar pond on top of probably the highest hill…

Phadke Art Studio – Dhar
Category Historic

             If  Dhar has been put to lime light by kings, rulers, saints and monument, a sculptor also holds the…

lat masjid1
Lat Masjid
Category Historic

                                                                     Incredible Fusion of Temple and Mosque architecture:- Situated on the Outskirts of the city of Dhar is Lat masjid,…

Jal Mahal Sadalpur
Category Historic

Through which the river flows Jal Mahal Sadalpur is  another notable monument in the long list  of architectural wonders  spread…

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