Mohan Kheda Jain Tirth

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Most important or visited Jain temple on the land of Dhar districtis Mohankheda Jain temple. 50 kms from Dhar and about 7 kms from Sardarpur tehsil, this Jain temple majorly built using white marble, is a small town in itself. How the tirth came into existence is associated to Dada Gurudev, Shrimad Vijay Rajendrasurishwar Maharaj Sahab. While passing through this area he had n feeling looking at its natural beauty and peaceful environment that a temple should be built. on the hill of Mohankhcdn area. Under his inspiration and guidance a temple was built at Mohankheda with Lord Adinath as the moolnayak in the year 1884. The temple was renovated in the year 1957 with the construction of three shikhar marble structure over the sanctum sanctorum. Lord Adinath in the lotus position is the main deity of Mohankheda tirth. On the left side of the main temple a 16feet long idol of Lord Adinath in the Kayotsarg posture (meditating in standing position) is a bliss to the eyes. There is a beautiful Samadhi temple of Rajendrasurishwar Maharaj sahab in the temple. The inside of the Samadhi temple is made up of gold and is mesmerizing. Presently Mohankheda has been developed as a grand Jain pilgrimage with three big rest houses having 250 comfortable rooms for the visitors. It is amongst the highest visited Jain temples in the country. One academic school is also run by the trust.

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