A district is an administrative division of a state. Each district in India has an officer-in-charge who represents the state governments in that area in the capacity of Collector/District Magistrate. The office of the collector, is the chief representative of government in a District. District Collectors are entrusted with a wide range of duties in the jurisdiction of the district. The Collectorate is divided into sections as per the administrative reforms taken up by the Government of Madhya Pradesh :

Collectorate Office
 Sections Works
Deputy District Election Officer (General/Election Commission of India) All Important works related to Lok Sabha and Vidhansabha elections, SSR publications, listing of polling station, SVEEP plan, DEMP plan etc.
Deputy District Election Officer(Local Elections) All Important works related to Nagarpalika and panchayat elections, SSR publications, listing of polling station etc.
Sthapna Section All Work related to pay fixation and settlement and signing of pension cases and service verification etc.
Najarat Section All Stock recording of unusable and stolen materials etc.
Reader 2(Arms) Section From the approval of the District Magistrate, new arms license and transfer license and increase of customs duty etc.
Finance Section Financial work and withdrawal disbursement rights related to all officer classI, classII, class III and class IV employees of the district office etc.
TL/Jansunwai/Shikayat/Satarkta Section Public Grievance Redressal Cell, CM Helpline, CM Monitoring, CS Monitoring, PMOPG all type of complaints answers feeding and reply on the letters of all the commissions etc.
Land Record Section Land records consist of various types of information (property maps, sale deeds) and are maintained across different departments at the district or village level. 
Land Management Section The Lands Management Officer is responsible for administering and regulating provincial legislation, programs, policies and procedures pertaining to land and resource management, land development and land use planning. 
Varisth Lipik Shakha/Janpratinidhi Cell Action on the letters of Minister in charge / MP / MLA and public representatives.
SW Section Action on the letters of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Legislative Assembly questions and sending answers within the time limit.
District Land Acquisition Officer Land Acquisition Department has been performed specially acquisition of Land for different projects which is  under State Govt. /Central Govt./ Indian Railway/Non-Govt. etc. Apart from above valuation of land of probate cases, fixation of fare rent for hired building of Govt. organization.

As District Magistrate

  • Maintenance of law and order.
  • Supervision of the police and jails.
  • Supervision of subordinate Executive Magistracy.
  • Hearing cases under the preventive section of the Criminal Procedure Code.
  • Supervision of jails and certification of execution of capital sentences.
  • Arbitrator of land acquisition.
  • Disaster management during natural calamities such as floods, famines or epidemics.
  • Crisis management during riots or external aggression.

As Collector

  • Land assessment.
  • Land acquisition.
  • Collection of excise duties, irrigation dues etc.
  • Distribution of agricultural loans.
  • Chairman of the District Bankers Coordination Committee.
  • Head of the District Industries Centre.


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