Higher Education Department

Introduction and Objectives:

The aim of higher education is to ensure the multidimensional development of the student’s personality, to enable him to reach the goal and to develop human qualities in him. Life values are created in the heart of the student in these temples of education. In the past years, the numerical growth of educational institutions, quality education and multifaceted achievements of the students are a direct proof that the Higher Education Department is continuously moving forward in achieving its goal.

 Higher Education Department is constantly trying to ensure that the youth studying in educational institutions should be physically, mentally and spiritually strong, energetic, along with this, cultural, social, moral commitment, values and culture should be developed in these youth and they should also be sensitive so that When these youth go to the society after their studies, then they can serve humanity by giving their best contribution. The education system in the faculties of arts, science and commerce etc. of the colleges has been strengthened through various schemes of the government.

Colleges in Dhar
Name of College Contact number E-mail address
Govt P.G. College, Dhar (Lead College of District) 07292-223729
Govt College, Badnawar 07295-234004
Govt. College, Bagh 07297-277088
Govt College, Dhamnaud 07291-233572
Govt Girls College, Dhar 07292-222547
Govt College, Dharampuri 07291-264384
Govt College, Gandhwani 07294-261283
Govt College, Kukshi 07297-244020
Govt College, Manawar 07294-232337
Govt College, Pithampur 07292252170
Govt College, Sardarpur 07296-234353
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