Energy Department

Energy Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh is concerned with power policy framework and administrative control, safeguarding consumers’ interest, promotion of conventional energy sources and efficient power system in the state.

The Department is committed to making Madhya Pradesh self-reliant in the field of power to create a platform for multi-faceted growth. To develop a financially viable and competitive power sector that ensures quality power for all at the affordable price is an objective of the Energy Department.

Energy Department at Glance
Vision To develop a financially viable and competitive power sector that ensures quality power for all at affordable price is objective of the Energy Department.
Department of Energy Making policy related to electricity in the state and administrative control in the field 

Energy Department’s Goal

Making the state self-reliant in the field of electricity, which can accelerate the all-round development of the state.
Objective  To ensure the quality of electricity to consumers at reasonable rates and to overcome the shortage of power in the state. Making all the financial companies financially viable.
Duties of the Department The framework for the development of the works of the power sector in the state and the construction of policies related to power, administrative control and the smooth arrangement of electricity etc
List of services provided by the Department and their brief description-

1. M P Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited Indore-Indore and Ujjain Region -The work of power distribution, supply and resolving consumer complaints.

2.Electrical Inspectorate- Issue of licenses to Supervisor / Tertiary Permissions and Electrical Contractors, Renewing Contractual License, Providing Approval to launch new high-paying consumers etc.

3.M.P. Electric Regulatory Commission- Issuing the license for tariff fixation, transmission, distribution, licensing of electricity business, judicial decisions arising between licensing and production companies


Grievances redressal of public services On receipt of public grievances in the department, urgent action is taken and it is recorded on computer and reviewed.
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