Dinosaur Fossil National Park Bagh

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The remains of  a plant or animal that existed in a past geological age,and that has been excavated from the soil are called as fossils. in the present era,study and researchof fossils is very important to get exact idea of the old civilization, plants and animals. One such centre of fossils collection and conservatioin is taking shape in the Baag area of Dhar district on an area of 89 hectares. Known  as Dinosaur fossil national park,this place stores many fossils of age old era. Whole area of Baag or say Narmada valley is full of age old fossils, that makes this fossil park much more important.

Some of the rare fossils conserved in the Bagh fossil park are:

  • 65 million years old petrified eggs of Herbivorous Dinosaur,which are considered amongst the biggest egga found in the history.
  • 65 to 100 million years old bone remain of Sauropod and Abelisauras Dinosaur, which are considered amongst the biggest terrestrial animals in history.
  • 74 to 100 million years old remain of Shark fish, found in Narmada valley.
  • 70 million years old, sky scrapping trees of Narmada valley.
  • 86 million years old fossilized marine creatures, found in Narmada waters.

Development of this fossil park at Baag will boost the study, conservation and collections of fossils in the whole of Madhya Pradesh and surrounding areas.


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