Jal Mahal Sadalpur

Category Historic

Through which the river flows

Jal Mahal Sadalpur is  another notable monument in the long list  of architectural wonders  spread in Dhar district. It is considered to be built by Sultan of Mandu. Naseer –ud -den Khilji in the year 1511. Situated on the books of river Bagdi on the Mhow – Neemuch national highway, at a distance of 15 kms from Dhar and 10 kms from Lebad, this  place was used as the resting plane for the people passing by. Jal Mahal resembles a let with the Jahaz Mahal Mandu in terms of its architecture and presence of a water body (Bagdi river) near it. Though it is less popular and less visited yet is an architectural masterpiece. There a en inscription on a pillar here which states that in 1580 while travelling to south, King Akbar stayed here for some time. When the water rises in the Bagdi river it enters into Jal  Mahal giving It a spectacular sight. It  has a series of arched pillars and a small pond in Its premises  like one in Baz Bahadur  Palace Mandu.  It has a light house on its terrace, which enhances its beauty and could have been a useful entity in the olden days for navigation. Its huge domes arc visible from distance A beautiful garden it also developed in the premises by the administration.

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