Bhopawar Jain Tirth

Category Religious

bhopawar16 kms from the Sardarpur tehsil headquarter of Dhar district is Bhopawar Jain Tirth. This Quiet and serene place is famous for recently renoveated jain temple of Lord Shantinath. Built in the Somnath temple style,it is one of the finest temple structure in Dhar district. Bhopawar town has a mythological importance as being established by rukmi, the elder brother of Rukmini (wife of lord Krishna). According to a legend when Rukmini requested Krishna to save her from being getting married to Shishupal on the wish of her elder brother Rukmi, Krishna heroically kidnapped Rukmini from Amjhera and was on his way to Dwarika. Rukmiin pursuit of denying Krishna from doing so took on oath that he will return to Amjhera, his home town, only after killing Lord Krishna. Aftera hard fought battle Krishna defeated Rukmi and released him on the request of Rukmini. as per his pledge Rukmi never returned to Amjhera and established a city in the name of Bhoj Koot which is known as Bhopawar today. This city was a beautiful and prosperous city in Dwapar yug. Rukmi built a grand temple here and installed 12 feet high idol of Lord Shantinath. this impressive and grand idol is unique in every sense. present temple is a double storeyed structure with beautiful interiors, sculptures in terms of carved pillars, beautifully designed wooden gates, striking floral patterns on the floor and steps made of marble, in a way an immaculate architectural wonder. if the outer Structure resembles the legendary somnath Jyotirlinga temple, the inner sturucture has a stark resemblance to the world famous Dilwara jain temple at Mount Abu. According to locals they have seen an about 6 feet long snake performing parikrama (circumambulation ) of the temple many times. a grand festival is organized in Bhopawar at paush-dashmi every year. lacs of devotees from all castes participate in this festival.

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