Gadh Kalika Devi

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The ancient hindu temple of Gadh Kalika is located near Devi Sagar pond on top of probably the highest hill of Dhar city. The temple was established by Panwar dynasty of Dhar and is a unique example of ancient Indian temple architecture. In the year 1770, Sakwar Bai, wife of late Yeshwant Rao Panwar I (year 1736 to 1761) built this temple after the death of her husband. She also built seven more temples along with Gadh Kalika temple which includes Naugaon Ganesh Temple and Mandu Ram Mandir. Inspiring statue of Goddess Kalika was actually brought from the village Kothe of Maharashtra. The spire of the temple is said to be of Parmar architectural style. A beautiful black stone series of lamps are also situated in front of the temple. Maina Devi, wife of Anand Rao Panwar (year 1782 to 1807) also contributed in some of the major developmental works at Gadh Kalika temple. Some notable ones include sabha mandap, dining room, stairs inside the Gadh Kalika temple premises. A noteworthy feature of this temple is that the Goddess here is worshipped in the form of a married lady. Gadh Kalika is apparently considered to be the Kuldevi of Panwar dynasty. Kuldevi is worshipped by the entire clan and devotees across the country, also visit and worship Goddess Gadh Kalika. Another fascinating ritual associated with this temple is that devotees draw a reverse Swastik here and when their wishes gets fulfilled they come here again and make the right Swastik. Swastika is a geometrical figure and is used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions.

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