Lat Masjid

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Incredible Fusion of Temple and Mosque architecture:-

Situated on the Outskirts of the city of Dhar is Lat masjid, the famous iron pillar mosque. Built in 1405 A.D. by Dilawar Khan, the Governor of Malwa province of Control India, Lat Masjid was named after the great iron pillar marvelously erected at that time in its campus. This fragmented wrought iron pillar is a wonder in itself, as even though from time immemorial it is lying in an open area with air, water and moisture exposure. It has been able to maintain its shine and glory. There is no sign of rust or any such deterioration until today. Lat Masjid is also considered to be built to commemorate the victory of Dilawar Khan. It has stunning entrance  doors with carved pillars, in multiple demos. The interiors of the mosque resemble the architectural pattern of jami masjid of Mandu. The windows and pillars of lat masjid are  brilliantly engraved and one can feel the perfect blend of mughal and Rajput architectural styles, silently making historic moments alive. The three gates of the monument are decorated with unique inscriptions on Eastern and Northern gates.

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