Phadke Art Studio - Dhar

Category Historic


If  Dhar has been put to lime light by kings, rulers, saints and monument, a sculptor also holds the honour of raising Dhar’s glory world wide in 20th century. Raghunath Krishna Phadke was born in Vasai,  near Mumbai in the year 1884. He was more inclined to the art of sculpting rather than studies.  He prepared many statues in Murnbai which were acclaimed by the British officers and they awarded himwith honours like Swarna paid and wembley award. In the your 1933 he was called to prepare the statue of Dhar King Udaji Rao Panwar. With his exclusive workmanship he got ample work of statues from the Dhar royal family. Later he decided to settle at Dhar. He made statues of royal families, freedom fighters, spiritual leaders and politicians with utmost precision. Statues made by him are installed at many important squares like Juhu Chaupaty Mumbai. MTH Compound Indore and Ghoda Chaupaty Dhar. Raghunath Phadke was an  accomplished table player as well. He got the chance to perform with many renowned  artists like Ustad Vilayat Khan, Heara Bai Barodkar and Kumar Gandharva. He established Laxmi Kala Bhawan and anand Sangeet Vidhyalay at Dhar which are still in operation. In the year 1961 he was awarded with prestigious Padmashree award by the then President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad. In the year 1970 he was  awarded  D.Lit by Vikiam University Ujjain. Even today replicas of his masterpieces are at display at Phadke studio Dhar on Khanderao Takri.

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