Bhaktamar Tirth

Category Religious


 Pious lend of Dhar is also famous for the origin of Bhaktamar strot, the highly revered Jain mantra. Created by Jain Acharya Mantungacharya, signs of its origin are still visible at Nat Nagra talab near Kaal Bhairav temple at Dhar. Bhaktamar strot has 48 stanzas having powers of mantras. It has been hailed worldwide by various religious leaders. Because of its positive effects it has gained immense popularity. Originally in Sanskrit this is also called as Adinath strot. The newly built grand Bhaktamar temple at Dhar is the only temple dedicated solely to Bhaktamar strot in the world in terms of depictions of Strot’s mantras in a unique way. The temple houses 44 platforms of 44 Strots. Beautiful statue of Lord Adinath adorns the sanctum of the temple. The temple has very appealing architecture and sculptures. Carved pillars, religious images on walls, statues in different postures enhance the feel of the temple. Situated on Rajgarh road opposite to Mantunggiri tirth, this place holds special importance for Jain followers. Campus has ample facilities for the visitors in terms of stay, food, meditation etc.

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