Dhareshwar Temple

This very ancient temple of Lord Shiva is the center of faith and reverence of the common man of Dhar. Shiva is addressed by names like Dhareshwar, Dharnath etc in Dhar which means the ‘Lord of Dhar’. Dhareshwar Mahadev was the adorable god of Paramara dynasty. It is said that this temple is of the time of Raja Bhoja. The temple has been historical and mythological significance for thousands of years. Dharveshwar Mahadev is said to be the King of Dhar. Every year in the month of Savan, the devotees come to Mahadev’s philosophy from far-flung and the temple remains resonant with the slogans of ‘Har Har Mahadev‘ and ‘Bol Bam‘. In the month of Savan, Lord Dharnath goes out in a grand palace on the city tour to know about the people of Dhar. This tradition has been running since the time of Raja Bhoja and Bhoja himself used to walk on foot in this Palaki Yatra. This temple lies on Dhareshwar Road and remains open whole year for the visitors.

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