Daal Paniye

Type:   Main Course

Dal is prepared using Tuvaar Dal, Chana Dal,Udad Dal (prepared by removing skin of split chickpeas), Mung dal. The pulses or lentils are cooked together after being soaked in water for a few hours. First, a small amount of vegetable oil is heated in a frying pan and then the seasoning rai-jeera (mustard and cumin seeds) is added into the hot oil. Then green chilli, garlic and some spices including hing, red chilli, haldi, coriander, ginger are added. There may be a sweet and sour version of dal in some regions. Finally, the boiled Daal is added and cooked.

Paniye are made by corn flour. corn is also used to make paniya, maize flour cakes, sandwiched between aakde ke patte, two leaves of the aak plant (calotropis gigantea) and roasted on an open fire of dried cowpat. When the Paniye becomes golden brown in colour, it is greased with ghee and is then served with dal, rava ladoo, rice, pudina chutney, kairi (raw mango) chutney, green salad with lots of onion, and fresh buttermilk (chass).

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