Jirapura Chousath Yogini Temple (Nalchha)

The village Jirapura is located about 4 km from Nalchha Block Headquarters. The village is situated about 20 km from Dhar on Dhar-Mandav Road. Jirapura is famous for Goddess Chousath Yogini and Bawan Bhairav Temple. A fair is organized every year during Navaratri in Chaitra month. Many pilgrims visit the fair, especially from Nimar region a large number of devotees are present. It is believed that bathing in the pond, situated in front of the temple in Navaratri, destroys all kinds of diseases. The Mann River has also originated from this pond. To visit Jirapura, Gram Panchayat Lunhera can be reached by bus and from there Jirapura can be reached on foot or through local means.

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