M.P. Maternity Support Scheme under Unorganized Urban and Rural Workers Welfare Board (Naya Savera)

Date : 01/04/2018 -

Assistance is provided to the economically disadvantaged registered workers by providing maternity support money to improve the living standard of the labor family and to provide social security.


1. Benefit of this scheme is provided to the registered laborer (woman) or the wife of the laborer. 2. Maternity assistance will be payable only up to the first two deliveries. 3. It is mandatory for a woman to be over 18 years of age to get maternity support. 4. Maternity assistance will be given to the beneficiary in two phases. a. In the last trimester of pregnancy, the physician / ANM 4 thousand rupees after being checked by B. After getting maternity Rs. 12 thousand.


16 thousand for registered unorganized laborer (female) or laborer's wife when pregnant. Is provided with economic support.

How To Apply

Designated officer
Rural Area – Block Medical Officer (BMO)
Urban Area – Block Medical Officer (BMO), Chief Medical and Health Officer, Civil Surgeon (within their jurisdiction)

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