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The oldest, biggest and the most beautiful building in Mandav is Jami Masjid. Its construction was started during the time of Hoshang Shah, but it was Mahmud Khilji that expanded it and completed the construction in 1454. It is built on a plinth that is 4.6 meters above the ground. Among the many things that make it special, is its simplicity. The building is covered with 4 big domes and 160 small ones that make it beautiful. It is said that half of the small domes were destroyed by an earthquake in 1838 and only 80 of them remain.

The magnificent main gate is a great example of a Hindu – Pathan fusion style and represents the accomplishment of the city itself. The architecture of the building seems to be inspired by the world-famous mosque in Damascus, the capital of Syria. To enter the building one has to climb a staircase of 30 steps and once you enter, you get to see its true splendour. The interiors are decorated with 25 arches, 12 in the southern part and 13 in the northern part. Intricate grills have been installed for light and ventilation. The prayer room is huge with a throne for the Royal Imam and a staircase of 11 steps that leads to it. There are 2 separate gates in the northern section, one of which was used by the Sultan. The entire mosque is made with lime and stone. One thing among many others, that makes this mosque unique, is that it has no minarets. There are chambers near the building which used to be reserved for women of the royal family and guests.

This mosque isn’t just a beautiful building but it holds importance in terms of engineering and architecture too. High standards were maintained regarding its beauty and in following the principles of engineering. It was built with an objective to withstand the test of time. Another unique aspect was the acoustics, without a loudspeaker one’s voice can be clearly heard in every corner. Even today this mosque stands tall in all its magnificence.

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