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The city of Mandav is renowned in the country and the world for its history and architecture. Not a lot of people know that the beginning of this city was from a place called Budhi Mandu . Now  enshrouded in ruins, Budhi Mandu , seems deserted in the pages of history too. To reach here one has to go past a dense forest and through inaccessible roads. The scattered relics here tell the stories of Hindu architecture art and style. In its golden period. the area of Budhi Mandu was wholly  populated.
It was fortified and there were two entry gates one on the northern side and the other on the southern side. There used to be a big lake here which has turned dry. Around this lake, there was a cluster of temples the beautifully carved relics from these can be seen even today. According to  historians, the Mandapika mentioned in Pratihar and Gurjar inscriptions points here instead of the present day Mandu . It is believed that the Parmar rulers, during the last days of the 10th century, left Budhi Mandu and started fortifying the Mandu which is known today.

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