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 Neelkanth Palace in Mandav is one of those very few palaces that give an impression of splendor and seclusion. It is said that there used to be a small temple of Lord Shiva and the palace was built near this temple. The palace was named after Lord Shiva’s throat that is blue due to partaking Halahal: the deadliest of poisons. It was constructed under the directive of the Mughal ruler Akbar. It is built on a slope and one has to descend a set of 61 stairs to enter the palace. The northern part of the palace is open to enjoy the captivating view of the valley. There are rooms on the western and southern sides along with the court hall. There is a fountain in the centre of the court hall which gets water from the waterfall on the southern end. There is another beautiful octagonal fountain in a room on the southern side of the palace.It is said that Akbar came to Mandav four times and chose to live in this palace on every occasion. The great Akbar has gone, and his kingdom too but the Neelkanth is still here, saying, “I was here in the past, I am here today and I will be here tomorrow.

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